Having done more than 2,000 hires and working with more than 800 artists has taught us that each artist, each show, each act…is different. More than 15 years in the show world, representing artists, working live and in the corporate world, has given us know-how that has helped us to establish solid artistic and creative collaboration relationships with several artists and representatives from all over the world. It also helps us to know which solution is best for each different moment.

We do not offer only professional, reliable assessment. We go even further: we look for, research and select the most creative, surprising and innovative proposals, adapting or creating shows ad hoc. We manage the entire process from beginning to end, achieving surprising results.

Actors, circus performers, dance, humour and monologues, for children, magic, music, hosts, large-format shows, passacaglia…these are just a few of Divertia’s proposals, one of the most prestigious points of reference in the industry.

"We have more than 15 years' experience in organising shows. We have organised more than 2,000 shows with 800 different artists"



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